The Turkish travel company Touristalia was founded in 2008 in Turkey and operated only in the domestic market of Turkey, but in 2012, having discover horizons, Touristalia opened new international destinations and increased level of quality of service and comfort for customers. Touristalia, as a member of TÜRSAB is one of Turkey’s international inbound tourism companies, organizing tours for tourists from different regions. Today, the company has such areas as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, as well as new arrivals aimed at 2020 - China, Latin America and countries of Balkan Peninsula. We annually welcome more than 100,000 tourists from around the world. Focusing on a highly effective and loyal approach to work, we gain the trust of customers and productive cooperate with our partners.

Touristalia Offices and Destinations
Today, Touristalia has head office in Istanbul and branch in Bishkek and seasonal offices on all our directions, as well as our map of destinations is constantly growing, opening new opportunities and maximally satisfying the wishes of our travelers. Thanks to our communication offices and professional team of employees, we have been providing professional travel services in many cities around the world for many years.

Touristalia Fleet
Touristalia has own car park in Istanbul, which consists of premium vehicles not older than 5 years.

Charters Flights of Touristalia
Our company annually carries out seasonal destinations in the direction of Bishkek - Egypt for the winter and directions Bishkek - Antalya and Izmir - St. Petersburg for the summer with a capacity of up to 150 passenger seats.

Our Certificates
We are proud to announce that Touristalia is today one of the best Travel Package Sales Agent in Turkey on international markets and an accredited agent of the International Air Transport Association IATA / IATA and the Turkish Ministry of Tourism TÜRSAB / ATTA


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